Hope Library
(located within the
 Town Office Building)
443 Camden Road

Hope, ME 04847 (map)
Tel: 207-763-3553
Email: hope@hope.lib.me.us

Staffed Library Hours

   Tuesday      9am-1pm
  Thursday  12pm-4pm
  Friday         9am-1

       The Library is open
      but not staffed during
   all other Town Office Hours


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To Use the

Maine State Library Download Service

You will find the green Download Library Button on the left side
of this page. Just click on it to access the
Download Library through the Maine State Library.

If you have any questions or need help with this
service, please contact the librarian during
staffed library hours.


Hope Library Book Club

Our current book is:
Remarkable Creatures

by Tracy Chevalier

Our Next Meeting is:
 Thursday, September 21st , 2017
 2:00 pm
at Hope Library

Please feel free to join us or
contact us for more information

Tel:  207-763-3553
Email: hope@hope.lib.me.us



If you haven't visited the Hope Library,
then you haven't seen the changes.

Come in to see the changes,
  the new additions to our collection,
and the services added.




The mission of the Hope Library is
to provide the community with a resource
 of books, programs, and other library services
 to meet their cultural, educational,
informational, and recreational needs. 
The Hope Library functions in a communal, quiet fashion
is comfortable in our very small, rural town.


Patron Access Laptops


Hope Library has two
Patron Access Laptops
available during Library Staffed Hours
Tues 9-1pm   Thurs 12-4pm   Friday 9-1pm


  Kindles are available at Hope Library

2 Adult.....2 Young Adult.....1 Juvenile
All kindles are preloaded with
suitable books

Kindles can be checked out only
when the library is staffed.


Audio Books and DVD's

Audio Books can only be checked out when the
Library is Staffed :   Tues 9-1pm   Thurs  12- 4pm  Friday 9-1pm

Below is a sample of our new Audio Books
We have many more...come in to see
all that are available


                                                                   A Last Goodbye                      Beyond the                           The Witness
                                                                                                                    Laughing Sky
                                                                     Infinity Ring                        Last One Home                       The Innovators

                                                      DVD's can only be checked out when the Library is Staffed :
                                            Tues 9-1pm   Thurs  12- 4pm  Friday 9-1pm

Below is a sample of our new DVD's  
We have many more...come in to see
all that are available
                                                       My House in                                 My Big Hero                         It's a Wonderful Life                  Slumdog Millionaire

                                                         Despicable ME 2                      The Retrieval                Caldecott Collection            The Animal Fables 
                                                                                                                                                           Volume  1                      of  Leo Lionni

New Books

           Adult Books                                                                                        Young Adult Books

         Stars of Fortune                     Ishmael                    Killing Trail                                                     Dragonwings                      Paper Hearts

             That Night                The Glittering Worl                   The Life of                                Gardens of the Moon               Catching Fire
                                                                                                         Thomas Jefferson 
           The Family Corleone           The Legacy of Eden                                                                The Elder Gods              The Sky is Every Where
                                                                                                                                                                  Book One / Dreamers
         Pocketful of Names      Saving Fish from           The Widow Down by                                              Basilisk                         Mocking  Jay
                                                      Drowning                           the Beach

      The Alzheimer's Family        The Power of the            Sorrow's Company
                                                         New Spirituality

                                                                                          Juvenile Books                                                           

                  Leon and the                      The New Girl                     An Allagash Haunting         A Wilderness Ranger's      When I Was Your Age             
                  Spitting Image                                                                                                                               Journal

                      Michelangelo                   The Spotted Dog                   Treasure Hunters                   The Magician's                  The Royal Mice
                                                                      Last Seen                                Handbook                               Elephant 
                                                                                          Children's Books

                         Monkey and Elephant                      Noah and the Rainbow                           Interrupting  Chicken

                    The Soda Bottle School                             Good Night, Chirp!                               A Medley of Maine
                                                                                                                                                                Children's Stories