Hope Library
(located within the
 Town Office Building)
443 Camden Road

Hope, ME 04847 (map)
Tel: 207-763-3553
Email: hope@hope.lib.me.us

Staffed Library Hours

   Tuesday 9 - 1
Wednesday 12 - 4
Thursday 2 - 6
Friday 8 - 12
   The Library is open
   but not staffed during
  Town Office Hours

~~~~~Special Events~~~~~~


Hope Library Open House
At our recent Open House, we introduced the
Library's collection of Langlais Art, our brand new
Library website, new furniture and many new books.
We will continue to increase our collection, as well as
move forward in other areas of technology during the
coming year.

Please stop by to see our new acquisitions and hear
about our future plans for the Hope Library.
Let us know what you would like to have available
at the Hope Library.


Our Library



The mission of the Hope Library is
to provide the community with a resource
 of books, programs, and other library services
 to meet their cultural, educational,
informational, and recreational needs. 
The Hope Library functions in a communal, quiet fashion
is comfortable in our very small, rural town.



Click on the above link to view a complete list of
New Books





Book Club News

Our current book is:
The Husband's Secret

Liane Moriarty

~~Next Meeting~~
 Thursday, July 31 , 2014
 2:00 pm at the Hope Library

Please feel free to join us or
contact us for more information

Tel:  207-763-3553
Email: hope@hope.lib.me.us



Email: hope@hope.lib.me.us